State Wise Papers Required for NON DOX/Parcels
                     (Updated as on 31-3-2007)

Station No. Of Invoices Consignee St. & Cst. No. Type of ST/Form/Permit 10% Invoice Value in Absence of ST. & CST. No. Applicability of Octroi & Entry Tax
Assam 3 Yes Permit/Form 22 0r 24 Form 14 for Govt Goods No No
Andhra Pradesh 3 Yes 10-A foe Outgoing Shipments No No
Arunachal Pradesh 3 Yes No No No
Bihar 3 Yes 28 B Road Permit No No
Chattisgarh 3 Yes Form 59 A No No
Delhi 3 Yes No Yes No
Gujarat 3 Yes 402 for Outgoing/ments Yes No
Gujarat 3 Yes 403 for Incoming/ments Yes No
Goa 3 Yes No Yes No
Haryana 3 Yes Form No 38(if Shipment value more than Rs. 25000/-) Yes No
Himachal Pradesh 3 Yes Form No. 26 No No
Jammu & Kashmir 3 Yes Form No 56 No No
Jharkhand 3 Yes Form No. 28-B No No
Karnataka 3 Yes Form-39 for Outgoing Shipments No No
Kerala 3 Yes No No No
Madhya Pradesh 3 Yes Form No.49 & 50
49-Govt & Personal Goods
50-Commercial Goods
No No
Maharashtra 3 Yes No Yes Yes
Manipur 3 Yes Form No. 35 or 37 No No
Meghalaya 3 Yes Road Permit No.40 No No
Mizoram 3 Yes No No No
Nagaland 3 Yes No No No
Orissa 3 Yes Way Bill Form No. 32 No Yes
Punjab 3 Yes Form No. 24-A No Yes
Rajasthan 3 Yes Form No. 47-A(incoming S/ment)
Form No. 49 (Outgoing S/ment)
No Yes
Sikkim 3 Yes Form No. 20 No No
Tamilnadu 3 Yes No No No
Tripura 3 Yes Form No. 18 A No No
Uttar Pradesh 3 Yes Form No. 17 & 18
17-Govt & Personal Goods
18-Commercial Goods
No No
Uttaranchal 3 Yes Form No. 16 & 17
17-Govt & Personal Goods
16-Commercial Goods Way Bill Form
No No
West Bengal 3 Yes No 15 Incoming
No 48 Outgoing
No No